San Juan Islands Community Resource Guide

Resources for our residents and community wellness through health and social services, education and volunteering.

The Lopez Island Prevention Coalition

Director: Georgeana Cook, M.Ed

Organization physical address: 37 Week Point Way Suite 10, Lopez Island, WA, 98261.

Organizational mailing address (if different to above): PO Box 802, Lopez Island, WA, 98261.

Email General:

Email Director:

Phone number Director: 3604683770

Organization Mission Statement: The mission of the Lopez Island Prevention Coalition is to facilitate and support a community culture which reduces substance abuse among youth through the healthy choices and responsible behaviors of all community members.

Registered Business structure/Charitable status: (501(c)3, 503, LLC, community based social group)501(c)3

Youth Leadership: supported by a full range of supports from other youth, their families, school, community and their resources.

Coalition: Oversight of the development and implementation of a comprehensive data driven work plan to address substance abuse among youth.


Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: Lopez Island, Youth Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, Youth Leadership, The D.R.E.A.M. Team., Lopez Island School, School Clubs, S.A.D.D., Students Against Destructive Decisions, TATU, Teens Against Tobacco Use, HYS, Healthy Youth Survey, Best Practice, Suicide Prevention, Teens, Community Assessment, Strategic Prevention Framework, Collaboration, Community Based, Youth Serving, Marijuana, Tobacco, Alcohol, Opioids, Lopez Youth Council, LYC, LIPC, Youth, Teens, Youth Mental Health Training, Young Ambassadors, NYLI, CADCA, partnerships, home school, private school, students, Vaping, ONDCP, Families, Youth, The Presidential Service Award, The Congressional Award.

Description of Services, Families: Training: Power to Parents, Five Languages of Love. New classes beginning in 2018.
Resources: Parent Library (Open during business hours)
Clubs: Book Club: Beginning in Fall 2017 Parenting/Child Development/Related Books
Support: Create Your Story/Tell Your History: Connecting Families through Family History (free by appointment)

Description of Services, Adults: Training: Youth Mental Health, Suicide Prevention. New classes beginning in 2018.
Clubs: Book Club: Restarting in Fall 2017 – Adult Self Help / Improvement / Encouragement / Related Books
Resources: Literature, Contact Information.
Support: Presidential Service Award

Description of Services, Youth/Teen: Training: Media Smart Youth 11- 13 , NYLI Youth Leadership, Girls Circle, Boys Council.
Resources: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Clubs: The D.R.E.A.M. Team – ASB Club, The Young Ambassadors – S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decision, Lopez Island Youth Council.
Support: Presidential Service Award, Congressional Award, Free Consultations : Write ME (for Teens), OYS ( Organize Your S (tuff)).

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs: Youth and Adults: Coalition Members, Research Groups, Action Groups, Media Campaigns, Summer Internships, paid and unpaid. Resource Guide update.

Charitable Donations Accepted: Yes. Until the website is completed please direct all donations to:

Ed Gutkowski Chair
Lopez Island Prevention Coalition PO Box 802
Lopez Island WA 98261

or any questions to



Guard Mental Health and Wellness

Director: Melissa Guard

Organization physical address: 818 Mullis Street St. #4, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250.

Email Director:

Phone number Director: 360-370-5441

Organization Website:

Organization Mission Statement: I am dedicated to provide supportive, healthy, and caring services for people who are struggling with life circumstances. My approach when working with clients is to combine an outlook of strength-based and systemic perspectives, while providing support and feedback to help clients resolve current problems and understand long-standing patterns. I also like to explore how individuals can shift their perspective to envision daily life as a meaningful spiritual adventure.


Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: Individual counseling, family counseling, teens, adolescents.

Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

Organization AKA: Planned Parenthood.

Director:  Linda McCarthy

Organization physical address: 470 Reed Street, #2A, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250.

Organizational mailing address (if different to above): 1509 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, WA, 98225.

Email General:

Email Director:

Phone number Director: 360- 603-7702

Organization Website:

Organization Mission Statement: To provide, promote and protect access to reproductive health care and sexuality education empowering each person to make informed personal choices.

Registered Business structure/Charitable status: (501(c)3, 503, LLC, community based social group) 501(c)3.

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: Anyone of reproductive age.

Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: birth control, pregnancy test, STD testing and treatment, abortion.

Description of Services, Adults: Reproductive health care services (preventive visits, STD testing/treatment, pregnancy testing) and contraceptive supplies available to women, men, teens. All services are confidential and affordable (based on a sliding fee scale). Medicaid, Medicare, and all insurances accepted. Assistance for those without resources; no one is denied care because of inability to pay.

Description of Services, Youth/Teen: Confidential reproductive health care services (STD testing/treatment, pregnancy testing, preventive visits) available to teens on a sliding scale or at no cost. No one is denied care because of inability to pay.

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs: volunteers provide community support and assistance with fund raising in the San Juan Islands.

Charitable Donations Accepted: Yes, funds raised in the San Juan Islands are generally designated to support Friday Harbor health center services.