San Juan Islands Community Resource Guide

Resources for our residents and community wellness through health and social services, education and volunteering.

Whimsy in the Woods

Director: Libby Valluzzi

Organization physical address: PO Box 304, Lopez Island, WA, 98261.

Email Director:

Phone number Director: 206-913-1319

Organization Website:

Organization Mission Statement: Whimsy in the Woods is an Outdoor Enrichment Program in which children: feel a sense of connection and love for the natural world; discover the world and the people they share it with; have the freedom to wonder, dream, and learn about things that tickle them; develop their own passions that trigger a never-ending well of learning; engage with the real world by being active participants in it; develop into competent, unique individuals that are capable of leading successful and fulfilling lives.

Registered Business structure/Charitable status: (501(c)3, 503, LLC, community based social group) Small Business.

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: Children ages 5-10. Full-day childcare / forest education program currently running Summertime only (June-Sept). Located on the South-end of Lopez Island.


Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: Outdoor Education, Forest School, Environmental Education, Childcare, Children, Environment, Learning Opportunities for Youth, Kids, Stewardship, Summer Program.

Description of Services- Youth/Teen: A Full-day Outdoor Enrichment Program for school-age children that provides them with a safe, engaging, and exploratory environment to learn and engage with the natural world.

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs: People with specialized skills or talents who wish to share and provide a hands-on learning opportunity for the children can contact the Director.

Charitable Donations Accepted: Any and all donations go into a Scholarship fund to expand this program to children and families that need financial assistance.


Orcas Community Resource Center

Organization AKA: The Resource Center

Director: Erin O’Dell

Organization physical address: 423 Prune Alley, Eastsound, WA, 98245.

Organizational mailing address (if different to above): P.O. Box 931, Eastsound, WA, 98245.

Email Director:

Phone number Director: (360)376-3184

Organization Website:

Organization Mission Statement:  To ensure all Orcas Islanders have access to services and support for their well-being.

Registered Business structure/Charitable status: (501(c)3, 503, LLC, community based social group) 501(c)3.

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: Through our partnerships with multiple organizations, we ensure islanders have access to mental and physical health services, the means with which to heat their homes, food for their families, assistance when faced with eviction, clothing, dental and vision care, and much more. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of Orcas Islanders. The Resource Center helped 819 individuals from 413 households access greater than 3,000 services in 2016 alone.

Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: Orcas Island Residents,
Basic Services,
Children, Youth and Parenting,
County Resources,
Food and Nutrition,
Health Resources,
Housing and Shelter,
Immigrant Resources,
Information and Referral,
Mental Health,

Description of Services- Families: The Orcas Community Resource Center’s goal is to improve the quality of life of Orcas Islanders in crisis.

Description of Services- Adults: OCRC offers a variety of services to assist individuals and families in the form of direct services or access to local, county, or state agency services.

Description of Services- Youth/Teen: OCRC partners with Island Market and Orcas Lions Club to provide Christmas gifts for island children through the Giving Tree, Sons of the American Legion to provide shoes for children, and ECEAP and a local donor to hold the annual Kindergarten Transition Bus Ride & School Tour and the Kindergarten Transition Banquet.

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs Current needs include donations for:
Rental Assistance
Emergency Assistance
Ferry Tickets for Medical Appointments

Charitable Donations Accepted: Yes. Donations may be made via Orcas Island Community Foundation and on our website,

San Juan Island Family Resource Center

Director: Jennifer Armstrong,

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1981, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250

Physical Address: 476 Market Street,Friday Harbor,WA,98250

Phone: (360) 376-1014



Organization Mission Statement: The San Juan Island Family Resource Center (SJI FRC) assists individual and families in our community to achieve their highest potential by providing access to essential resources and programs that promote health and stability.

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: Social Services, Early Childhood and Family Support Programs.

Description of Services- Families: Birth – Four Family Support Services
Connecting families with infants and young children with free resources and programs including weekly playgroups, pregnancy information and support, parenting classes, help with household supplies, home visiting and more.

Description of Services- Adults: Assistance with a wide range of social service needs, including:
DSHS application support, Medical Insurance, Emergency Housing & Utilities needs, Mental Health Access, Transportation Assistance, Household Essentials and more.

Description of Services Youth/Teen: Programs for children and youth ages 4 – 18 including a Kindergarten Transitions Program, Youth Mentoring Program and Young Adult Life Skills Classes.

Volunteer Opportunities: Youth Mentoring: Individualized, one-to-one youth mentoring
Island Neighbors: Providing companionship, errand running and/or transportation for vulnerable islanders who need a bit of extra help.

Charitable donations accepted?  Yes.

Tags: Apple Health, Baby, Birth, Case management, Child development, Counseling, Diapers, Disability, DSHS, Espanol, Financial assistance, Food, Health, Help, Home, Home visiting, Infants, Information & referrals, Insurance, Kindergarten, Legal, Life skills
LIHEAP, Medicaid, Mental health, Mentoring, Playgroups, Social Security, Spanish, Support group, Telephone, Toddlers, Transportation, Water bill, Youth Development



Lopez Children’s Center

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Lopez Children’s Center

To provide an environment that nurtures the healthy growth and development of children and their families.

Cooperative Preschool for children ages 3 – 5 years, operates during the school year.
PAL (Play & Learn) childcare program for children aged 2 – kindergarten, operates Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5 pm year round. Visiting children welcome on drop-in basis if space is available.


Director: Jane Hobbs

Mailing Address: PO Box 867, Lopez Island, WA, 98261

Physical Address: 160 Village Rd, Lopez Island, WA – Washington, 98261



Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: Preschool for children ages 3 – 5 years. Childcare for children ages 2 – kindergarten. Mostly Lopez Island but visiting children welcome if space available.

Volunteer Needs: Volunteers welcome to work with children (background check required) or with maintenance or assisting at fundraising events.
Volunteers needed to join our Board.

Charitable donations accepted?  Donations accepted by contacting the Director at 468-3896 or or through Network For Good, use the link on our website

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San Juan County Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

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San Juan County Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

Providing free preschool at four San Juan County preschools for families that qualify. Families earning 110% of the federal poverty level or less, children in foster or kinship care, families in CPS/ FAR, children homeless or at high risk.
Orcas Montessori preschool, Kaleidoscope Preschool, Orcas Island’s Children’s House and Lopez Children’s Center.

Director: Ethna Flanagan
Mailing Address: PO Box 1146, Eastsound, WA, 98245
Physical Address: 62 Henry Rd, Eastsound, WA, 98245

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: Families with children 4 years old and 3 years old.

Charitable donations accepted?  Yes. We offer scholarships for preschoolers who do not qualify for ECEAP but are still in the high risk or need area.

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Orcas Daycare Association: Kaleidoscope Preschool and Child Care Center

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Orcas Daycare Association: Kaleidoscope Preschool and Child Care Center

The mission of Kaleidoscope is to provides safe, affordable, high-quality, consistent preschool and child care services while supporting the families of Orcas Island.


Director: Amber Paulsen
Mailing Address: PO Box 1476, Eastsound, WA, 98245
Physical Address: 1292 North Beach Rd, Eastsound, WA, 98245
Phone: 360 376 2484

Services for Families: Licensed Child Care Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 6:00 pm for ages 4 weeks – 12 years. Extended ECEAP services for qualifying preschool students. Working Connection Child Care (DSHS) services for all ages. Car Seat Safety Program includes informational presentations bi-monthly and car seat distribution to qualifying families based on need and availability.

Services for Adults: Kaleidoscope offers resources for strengthening families and parent support.

Charitable donations accepted?  Donations of soft fabric items are collected for Kaleidoscope’s ongoing Value Village Donation Drive. Please call for more information.
Donations for Kaleidoscope’s Car Seat Distribution program are welcome and appreciated. Funds are used to provide car seats for qualifying families in need.

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