San Juan Islands Community Resource Guide

Resources for our residents and community wellness through health and social services, education and volunteering.

Lopez- Environmental Resources

Keepers of the Patos Light

Association of like-minded individuals who are committed to preserving the historical and environmental and educational values of both Patos Island and its lighthouse.

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Science for stewardship of the San Juan Islands, including biodiversity inventories, monitoring, ecological research, and experimental habitat restoration; community-science programs that engage islanders in useful local research and monitoring ecosystem health; and STEM enrichment in island schools involving hands-on laboratory and field experiences.

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The SeaDoc Society

The mission of the SeaDoc Society is to ensure the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystems through science and education.

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Stewardship Network of the San Juan Islands:

The Stewardship Network is a coalition of public and private organizations who envision, and work to sustain a healthy, thriving ecosystem in the San Juan Archipelago. We are a grassroots organization. Fiscal sponsorship is through Friends of San Juans for 2017. Fiscal sponsorship rotates among nonprofit organizational members.

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Whimsy in the Woods

Whimsy in the Woods is an Outdoor Enrichment Program in which children: feel a sense of connection and love for the natural world; discover the world and the people they share it with; have the freedom to wonder, dream, and learn about things that tickle them; develop their own passions that trigger a never-ending well of learning; engage with the real world by being active participants in it; develop into competent, unique individuals that are capable of leading successful and fulfilling lives.

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