Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education

Director: Sharon Abreu

Organization physical address:  1315 Vusario Lane, #969, Eastsound, WA, 98245

Organizational mailing address (if different to above): PO 969, Eastsound, WA, 98245

Organization Website:

Organization Mission Statement: Our mission is to wake people up to their natural environment so pleasantly that they don’t mind having been awakened! We use music, theater, multi-media entertainment and fun to ignite love for our environment and inspire proactive care of our world with a collective consciousness. We promote and support environmentally, socially and economically sustainable lifestyles, communities, and development.

Registered Business structure/Charitable status: (501(c)3, 503, LLC, community based social group) 501(c)(3)

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: We sometimes work with young children in schools. Currently, we’re mostly reaching out to adults and high school and college students. We are based in Eastsound, Washington, but our reach is local, regional, national and international.

Email Director:

Phone number Director: 3603765773

Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: Environmental Education, Music, Theater, Arts, Planet, Earth, Fun.

Description of Services- Families: We can provide family-friendly environmental education performances.

Description of Services- Adults: We create performances and presentations to connect with adults around environmental issues that impact human health and wellbeing, in particular climate change. We provide responsible information and help them see themselves as part of the solution without that being overwhelming thing.

Description of Services- Youth/Teen: We create performances, presentations and workshops to share our skills and approach to environmental education, in particular climate change education, with young adults. We help them find their voices (literally and figuratively) and give them some direction and performance skills, help them put on a production, provide responsible information, give them encouragement, and help them see themselves as part of the solution without that being overwhelming thing.

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs: We can use volunteer help identifying and contacting places that might be interested in what we have to offer.

Charitable Donations Accepted: Yes.