Resources for our residents and community wellness through health and social services, education and volunteering.

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About the Project


Thank you for visiting the Community Resource Guide, (in process), providing community and professionals with resources in health and social services and beyond.

Several community assessments, on all islands, over the years have reiterated the need for a central source of information related to health and social services in addition to programs, education and volunteer opportunities.  This guide is now in the second stage of development.  We have created the framework to gather participants and create a searchable database. We now focus more dependently on the providers of services and programs, education and volunteer needs, with your help, we can create a comprehensive resource!

We need your information related to services, projects and programs so that this guide is comprehensive and useful.  You are a potential participant if you provide services, education or assistance in and to members of our community. You are a participant if you are the hub of information about where to find not only services, but items like durable medical equipment.

We also know that in an age of digital technology more decisions and resources are found online and on the spot when needed.  This guide aims to serve as a resource to address the needs for community members, physicians, providers, agency and organizations that serve our residents, individuals, family and children.

Please complete the participation form, (below) list as many services and related “Tags” (terms used in your area of specialty) as you can.  By listing more information, the database will be much more comprehensive. Tags are REALLY critical for the searching capacity.  Please list any terms that would be helpful for users to find you.  Consider what you offer and what terms might be typed into the search bar to find your origination.

We are here to answer any any questions you may have.

You need information or support-we believe this guide will identify the resources to help you make those connections in our community.