San Juan Community Home Trust

Director: David Gow

Organization physical address: 435-C Argyle Ave, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250.

Organizational mailing address (if different to above): PO Box 2603, Friday Harbor, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250.

Organization Website:

Organization Mission Statement:  The San Juan Community Home Trust: Contributing to a vital island community through permanently affordable homes.

Registered Business structure/Charitable status: (501(c)3, 503, LLC, community based social group) 501 (c)3.

Target Audience or Areas Served or Area of Operation: The Home Trust creates permanently affordable homes in Friday Harbor for very low-to moderate income households.

Email General:

Phone number General:  360- 378-5541

Organizational Service Area, Categories, Tags: San Juan Island, affordable housing, homeownership, community land trust.

Description of Services- Families: The Home Trust develops affordable housing and assists applicants in obtaining financing to purchase the home.

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs: Volunteers welcome in a variety of categories: construction site help, office, and special events.

Charitable Donations Accepted: Yes